Hederix® was introduced to the Swiss market in 1948. It fluidifies bronchial secretions and calms coughs. With almost no adverse side effects, its formula is particularly well adapted for infants above 3 months. Hederix suppositories are the leading product in this field on the Swiss market.

Active Ingredients
Hederix® is an original association of one synthetic ingredient, noscapine and of five plant-based ingredients. High technology product, noscapine is suspended in the syrup: microcapsules are visible in the transparent bottle, they mask the bitterness without adding excessive sweeteners (no sugar in Hédérix). Noscapine calms coughs and at the same time stimulates the respiratory system. A non-toxic derivative of opiates, it cannot be addictive. White Horehound, Flambe, Rattlesnake Wort, Ivy and Scabwort stengthen the expectorant effects and add tranquillizing and painkilling properties.


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Solution (drops), syrup and suppositories for infants, children and adults

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